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Request for photos of Ouyen in the 1970s

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Date Published  Wednesday 24th January 2018

Request for photos of Ouyen in the 1970s

We recently received the following request from Philip Heels for information about the railways in the Ouyen area in the 1970s -

During early to mid-1970s I was Leading Shunter/Running Guard based at Ouyen.

Is there anyone in your group with photos of this region at this time?

Of interest is the Down Freight that derailed just north of Ouyen, putting 3 fuel carriers in the dirt and putting the Mildura line out of service for some time.

If you are able to share any photos or information to help Phil, you are welcome to post to our Facebook page or email them to us at railfanguide@wancon.com.au and we will pass them on.

The above photo could have been taken in the 1970s, but is actually from 2006 showing the semaphore signal facing down trains in the yard at Ouyen. - WVRG photo

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